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Montoz (route No. 865)

“As we set off from Court, it was still cold and I was a little apprehensive about the climb to come. Then, as time passed and my body warmed up, the pleasure of riding returned undiminished, as it always does. We met a few families on the easiest section, where we took the time to recuperate for a while, look around and enjoy a wonderful view overlooking the sea of fog. What a wonderful route, enough to make you forget how tired you are!”


Itinerary: Court - Le Harzer - Métairie de Court - Bergerie de Bévilard - La Werdtberg - Reconvilier - Malleray/Bévilard - Sorvilier - Court
Shortcut from Sorvilier: Mgne de Sorvilier - Sorvilier - Court
Shortcut from Bévilard: Bévilard - Sorvilier - Court
Distance: 33 km
Gradient: 624 m


Good to know

  • Montoz mountain range (restaurants): La Bluai, Pré-Richard Harzer, Bergerie de Sorvilier, Sur-la-Rive, Bergerie de Malleray, hotel Werdtberg.
  • Court: hotel, restaurants, 19th century Neo-Gothic temple, the gorges of Court.
  • Reconvilier: tennis, mini golf, hotel, restaurants.
  • Malleray-Bévilard: hotel, restaurants, covered swimming pool, tennis, cinema, Catholic church (stained glass windows by Jean-François Comment).
  • Champoz: restaurant, smokery, La Ferme Imaginaire (accommodation, archery, horse rides).
  • Sorvilier: restaurant, bed and breakfasts.
  • The well signposted tracks are closed and not maintained during the winter season.


Technical information about piste Nr. 865 | PDF, 573 kB
Mountainbike Trails | PDF, 6.31 MB
VELOguide Vallée de Tavannes | PDF, 10.85 MB

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