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Moutier - Raimeux - Grandval

"The Raimeux mountain chain is appreciated by hikers, climbers, Para gliders and all adventurous individuals. The itineraries vary a lot but all of the walking paths are true jewels of nature, which I choose according to the weather and my available time. I will never tyre of these almost forgotten paths. I either stop for a pick-nick at la Combe aux Geais or for a meal at the summit restaurant. From up here, the panoramic view is simply magnificent."


Itinerary: Moutier - Raimeux de Grandval - Signal (observation point) - Raimeux de Grandval - Pâturage-Dessous - Point 910 - Grandval
Duration: 4 hrs 10 min
Distance: 12.2 km
Gradient: approx. 950m


Good to know

  • The nearby ravines delight the hearts of mountaineers (with their wall climbs of varying degrees of difficulty) and of palaeontologists (because one even features dinosaur tracks).
  • Forest reserve of Raimeux.
  • Botanical Trail (Crémines - Charrière - Raimeux de Crémines).
  • Option to return by red train from Moutier to Solothurn (Solothurn - Moutier - Sonceboz line).


Hiking trails | PDF, 6.38 MB
Profil | JPG, 51 kB
The forest reserve | PDF, 730 kB

Jura bernois Tourisme
Moutier et région
Av. de la Gare 9
2740 Moutier
T. +41 (0) 32 494 53 43

Moutier - Raimeux - Grandval

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