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Route from the Alps to the Jura (route no. 64)

"Today I am heading off towards the Col des Rangiers to reach Ajoie and Boncourt. After a warm-up on the calm and flat terrain from Delémont, the route becomes more difficult after leaving the village of Develier with the climb to the Col des Rangiers, the tip of which is already visible. The hill is a little steep to begin with, but after that things calm down with a few hundred metres on the flat, giving your leg muscles a chance to relax... then the climb gradually returns with virtually no let-up (apart from a slight and very short descent in the middle)... But what a beautiful mountain pass! A wide road, little traffic thanks to the motorway tunnel linking the valley of Delémont to Ajoie, the forests to admire and a gradient that is still gentle on our calves... After at least 45 minutes, I reach the summit of the pass. On my right I can see the Restaurant des Rangiers, where I gaze enviously at the people sitting on the terrace, sipping their drinks in the sunshine. Time for me to have some fun too, I tell myself as I take on the descent!".


The route comprises 4 stages between Kandersteg and Boncourt.

Section 3: Biel/Bienne - Delémont
Distance: 37 km
Gradient: 220 m

Section 4: Delémont - Boncourt
Distance: 43 km
Gradient: 520 m

Physically: medium
Technically: medium

Good to know

  • On the trail of the dinosaurs: a themed trail in La Heutte, a place to the east of Sonceboz.
  • Stained glass windows: the canton of Jura is home to the densest concentration of modern stained glass windows anywhere in Europe. They can be found in many churches along the route. 
  • At the end of this route, the village of Boncourt is the lowest-lying in French-speaking Switzerland (364 m).


Profile of the route | PDF, 174 kB
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Route from the Alps to the Jura (route no. 64)

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