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Pile lake dwellings: World Heritage Sites

"My wife and I have been heritage fans for a long time. So when we were given the opportunity to discover a new UNESCO World Heritage Site, we jumped at it. However, the challenge was considerable: visiting the remains of ancient lake-dweller villages that are largely invisible because they are either under water or covered by earth is a daunting enterprise… A visit to the Laténium in Hauterive and a well-designed iPhone application revealed all the secrets of the pile dwelling sites—or almost all. After all, mystery is part of the sites’ charm. " 


In principle, these sites are invisible because they are either under water or buried under thick layers of sediment. Detailed information about them is nevertheless available thanks to a free iPhone App.

Good to know

  • 22 sites in the Three-Lakes Region have been inscribed on the World Heritage List
  • The iPhone App is available from the App Store and includes comprehensive information about each official site
  • Information centres (museums, private collections and archaeological parks) provide information on the pile-dwelling sites. The list of information centres "Prehistoric pile dwellings in the three-lakes region" is included in the flyer (see below)
  • Further information is available at


Flyer "Prehistoric pile dwellings in the Three-Lakes Region" | PDF, 965 kB

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Pile lake dwellings: World Heritage Sites

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