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Experience the stories of Solothurn

Stroll through the alleyways of Switzerland's most beautiful baroque city, listening to the tales and anecdotes of Solothurn. The idyllic Verena Gorge is about 20 minutes from the city centre on foot.

Morning: Verena Gorge
The leisurely walk from the centre of Solothurn takes about 20 minutes. Follow the mystical path as it winds its way through the forest along the babbling stream to the hermitage and chapels. The Verena Gorge is a quiet and restful place. It is well worth visiting the Verena and St Martin's Chapels, not to mention the hermitage and the Magdalene and Oelberg caves.

Noon: lunch at the Restaurant Kreuzen
The restaurant offers a cosy and mysterious atmosphere with local and French specialities. Depending on the season, regional produce is available straight from the farm. Protected as a cultural heritage site, this romantic garden restaurant is a place to enjoy relaxing times. The Restaurant Kreuzen is situated just after the crossroads of St Verena.

Afternoon: tour of Waldegg Castle
The renewed permanent exhibition at Waldegg Castle is devoted to a central theme of Solothurn's history. Visit the historic rooms to discover how the ruling houses of Solothurn, exemplified by the Besenvals and the French ambassadors, wrestled for influence, profit and service.

Afternoon: discover Solothurn, Switzerland's most beautiful baroque city
There is plenty to see and discover in the traffic-free old town: the impressive Cathedral of St Ursus and the “Märetplatz” (market square), eleven historic fountains, monuments and fascinating museums, delicatessens and boutiques for fashion, gifts and household items. The colourful farmer's market is a special meeting place: every Wednesday and Saturday morning, agricultural produce and delicacies from the region are sold on the market stalls.

Individual visitors to this wonderful baroque city can also immerse themselves in its history every Saturday and Wednesday from May to October. On a public guided tour they can learn more about the legends of the saints of the city, Ursus & Victor, St Verena or the holy number 11.
The tours start at 2.30 p.m. outside the Basel Gate. Cost CHF 10.00 per person, booking not required.

Evening: enjoy a drink by the river
On the traffic-free promenade by the Aar, there are plenty of bars with outdoor seating where you can enjoy the almost Mediterranean holiday mood in the open air. The “Solheure” is the perfect place to do just that: a vibrant lounge with restaurant that attracts a cosmopolitan crowd.

Region Solothurn Tourismus
Hauptgasse 69
4500 Solothurn
T. +41 (0) 32 626 46 46
F. +41 (0) 32 626 46 47

Restaurant Kreuzen
Kreuzen 3
4522 Rüttenen
T. + 41 (0) 32 622 75 66

Schloss Waldegg
Waldeggstrasse 1
4532 Feldbrunnen-St. Niklaus
T. + 41 (0) 32 627 63 63


Experience the stories of Solothurn