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Contemporary Textile Arts

06.10.2017 – 15.10.2017

All these artistic approaches will be highlighted by international talented artists. this event celebrates the expertise, creativity, intelligence hand in the rich field of textile arts and modernizes its image. Urban art will be put forward through knitted graffiti but also through Knitted Pixel Art, performed by the knitting group "les Tricopines" and some school students from Avenches.

6 exhibition places:

  • Roman Museum : Anne Marie Bertrand et Sabine Feliciano
  • Main Theatre Hall : Nicola Beaupain / Musée du bouton
  • Under the roofs of the Hotel La Couronne : Olivia Uffer et Trudi kleinstein
  • Old Baderscher Butchery : Doris Berner
  • Local 49 Ortiz : Christine Fayon et Mona Luison
  • Saint Mary-Madeleine Reformed Church : Danièle Mussard et Madeleine Leiggener

Opening hours 11:00-18:00

Christiane Studer
Les Chenevières 40
1586 Vallamand

Contemporary Textile Arts