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Collégiale, Neuchâtel

“When I was small, I thought the Château and the Collégiale were the same thing. They were so close, they seemed to be interlinked. Was it a church or a château? Most of all, it was the wonderful playground of my childhood! The years passed but the two emblematic monuments remain inseparable. So different, yet so complementary. Like the perfect couple of an age-old union which, despite the hazards of time, renovations and extensions, is more successful than ever. She, with her two slender towers, dark interior and cloisters, and He, imposing, with his walls constructed of our well-loved golden Hauterive stone, are well worth the trip. Centuries old, the ancient Novum Castellum has been rendered eternal in Neuchâtel”.


Opening times
Open 7 days a week from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.
Attention: currently undergoing renovation, the Collégiale is only partly open to the public (until 2022). The cenotaph however is no longer visible (until 2019).


Good to know
Inside the Collégiale, you’ll find the cenotaph or tomb of the counts of Neuchâtel, one of the major works of mediaeval sculpture in Switzerland.

La Collégiale
Rue de la Collégiale 3
2000 Neuchâtel